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To Newsong Church

To our Newsong Church family, thank you!

Here on the Hale Trail blog, you’ll very seldom see an entire post directed at one group of people, but this is a special exception. In my previous post I mentioned the generosity of our home church Newsong in Cornelius, NC. Back in June they asked if there was one specific need as we prepared for our move to Rwanda, and we told them they we had no way of buying a reliable vehicle. We fully realized that this was a huge ask, and we were fully trusting God to provide.

But God worked through our Newsong family like I’ve never seen. In just a few short days they raised $9000. We were incredibly humbled and grateful to see such generosity from friends and even people we had never met before. It was an incredible feeling to arrive here knowing that God had provided in that way.

As is often the case, however, God’s timing is not always our timing. We began our search for a vehicle as soon as we arrived. Even though other missionaries had told us how difficult it was to find reliable vehicles here, we did not fully realize just how difficult. At first, we couldn’t even find anything listed for less than $15,000. – and these were 2003’s and older! That’s when we first started to get a bit discouraged. I remember the first time I found something in the $8-9,000 range. The guy brought it to me to test drive. As I sat down he said, “There’s a bit of a problem shifting gears, but my mechanic said it’s an easy fix.” That was definitely a red flag, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I started driving around the neighborhood and at first everything seemed okay and then I noticed that as I picked up speed, it wasn’t shifting gears. My friend who I trust with everything car-related had agreed to come with me. He told me to put the car in reverse and back up the hill we were on. At that point I heard some loud noises and car just started rolling forward instead. That’s when we realized the entire transmission was shot. They wanted $8500 for that car! I was definitely discouraged. We had exactly $9000 but we needed something that wasn’t going to fall apart the next day or cause us thousands in repairs every month.

During our search, our co-workers and friends were extremely generous in lending us their vehicles to go grocery shopping or get other errands done. I also did many walks to the little grocery store about a half mile down the hill from our house. Every time I walked back up the hill carrying the groceries, I gained new determination to find us a car.

Once again God provided. My friend who I mentioned before – the one that I trust with everything car-related told me that he had just successfully imported a car. It was an older used car but had relatively low mileage compared to most cars in Rwanda. He had done a ton of research and the car was in good shape. He and his wife had originally planned to keep the car but said that, if we were interested, they would sell it to us. Their asking price? $9000. I hadn’t told him how much we had or what Newsong had raised. This was just God’s way of saying “This is it.” This was the vehicle He provided for us through his church. Once again, we were blown away by the love and generosity of Newsong and also God’s constant provision.

So, to Newsong, thank you again for your prayers and outpouring of love. We thank God for you all regularly. You are all welcome to come visit us in Rwanda. We even have a car to pick you up at the airport



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